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What Are Biofeed Additives?
They are feed additives based on natural nutritional sources, such as seaweed, bacteria, botanical extracts, enzymes,...etc.











What Do Biofeed Additives Do?
Biofeed additives are like health food ingredients for animals. When animals eat natural, healthy feed, they grow better without the need of antibiotics/medication.




Why Do We Care?
The use of biofeed additives can reduce harmful chemical remains in meat; moreover, some additives can reduce the pollution caused by animal farms. In summary, it leads to better human health and a cleaner environment!




    Too much pollution and overuse of antibiotics have been the most serious problem in animal industry. It is undeniable that in order to increase the survival rate and productivity of the animal, huge amounts of antibiotics and synthetic hormone have been applied, resulting in inferior meat quality and harmful amounts of chemical remains, which lead to inestimable harmful effect on human health and the environment. To help conserve our environment and promote our living quality, CBC has thus been working on R&D of biofeed additives, mainly natural ones, including microbial products, enzyme, plant extracts, Chitosan, and so on. Our products are not only widely used in the local market, but also exported to Korea, Japan, Mainland China, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. They are recognized for the help of reducing the dosage of antibiotics and providing better quality meat, and most importantly, improving the environment. For animal industry, the use of CBC biofeed additives not only helps solve their various existing problems but also brings them a better future.


    A microbial product mainly used as livestock or aquaculture feed additives. It can help with digestion and absorption, promote growth, increase efficiency of animal feed and deodorize the house.

We have sold our biofeed additives to numerous pig farms world-wide, helping farmers reduce pig odor, prevent pathogens and improve pig growth.


    A microbial product mainly used in chicken house or pig house or deodorization and pollution control.

Roosters that consumed CBC Biofeed Additives.  Healthy roosters usually have big, bright red combs like the ones shown in picture.


    A mixed bioproduct, especially for aquaculture. It can effectively decompose organic substances in ponds, decrease BOD, prevent deterioration of pond bottom, and remove harmful substances, for example, ammonia Hydrogen Sulfide, or nitrogen, and therefore keep water in the pond clean and stable.


    An enzyme product mainly used as livestock or aquaculture feed additives for digestion aid, growth promotion, and anti-inflammation purposes.



    Primarily used for digestion aid and nutrient absorption improvement.


    A glycoside product mainly used as feed additives in order to promote functions of liver, increase excretion of bile, improve absorption of nutrients, and detoxification of toxins effectively and efficiently.




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