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Field Trial Notes:
- Vineyard
- Dragon Fruit
- Rose Garden
- Lemon
- Star Fruit

Product List:
- Forgreen-BS
- Forgreen-A
- Forgreen-N
- Forgreen-K
- Forgreen-S
- Forgreen-Ca
- Forgreen-LD
- Chitosan
- TeaEx 100




What Are Biofertilizers?
They are fertilizers based on natural nutritional sources, such as seaweed, bacteria, botanical extracts, minerals,...etc.




Why Use Biofertilizers?
Traditional chemical fertilizers are harmful to the environment and may lead to chemical remains in crops/fruits that can damage human health. Biofertilizers, on the other hand, can improve the growth of plants without these side-effects.



Why Do We Care?
The use of biofertilizers can reduce harmful chemical remains in vegetables and fruits, thus leading to a healthier human diet. Furthermore, they can re-energize the soil for repetitive plantation cycles without damaging the environment.



Biofertilizers - Field Trials

The following are field trial summaries and pictures from farmers that have
used CBC Biofertilizers.


     Mr. Chang have had 20 years of experience in growing grapes in Taiwan. After switching to the CBC Forgreen products, he was highly satisfied. The biofertilizers help the synchronization of the flowering and germination. They also accelerate the growth rate, making the grapes more juicy, sweeter and brighter in color.

These are the grapes that were grown
with Forgreen. The large size speaks for
the efficacy of the biofertilizers.

The grape vines with Forgreen were
strong, flexible and dense.


Another view of the grape vine
grown with Forgreen

The grape vines grown with Forgreen had thicker and larger leaves.

The vineyard without using Forgreen (the control) had a low density of vines and quality of the vines are worlds apart from that with the u and leaves. se of Forgreen.

Another view of the graph vine
grown without Forgreen


    Mr. Huang runs an organic farm, which uses Forgreen-BS, Forgreen-N, Forgreen-A. Before he started with Forgreen products, the farm business was making losses. Our biofertilizers increased the farm's productivity and efficiency. Forgreen increased the juiciness and sweetness of the fruits.

The Dragon Fruits grown with CBC's Biofertilizers are large in size, sweet and juicy.


    The following are roses grew by Garden Party with CBC Biofertilizers. Special thanks to S. P. Peng and A-Ha for providing the pictures.


    Mr. Cheng have had 4-5 years of experience in growing Lemons in Taiwan. He applied Forgreen-S (800-1000x) once every 10-15 days, two months before the flower season. As a result, there were less lemon mutations, less falling flower and fruit; this increased the farm's productivity. If one applies Forgreen-N while the lemon tree is still young, it would improve the pest control and increase the lemon size.


    Mr. Chang grows star fruits in Taiwan. After using the Forgreen products, the star fruits were bigger, there were less mutated fruits, the productivity increased by 30%, the fruits were sweeter and brighter in color.

The star fruits turned out brighter in
color and sweeter in taste

Using Forgreen increases the
productivity of the farm



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