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- Forgreen-BS
- Forgreen-A
- Forgreen-N
- Forgreen-K
- Forgreen-S
- Forgreen-Ca
- Forgreen-LD
- Chitosan
- TeaEx 100







What Are Biofertilizers?
They are fertilizers based on natural nutritional sources, such as seaweed, bacteria, botanical extracts, minerals,...etc.








Why Use Biofertilizers?
Traditional chemical fertilizers are harmful to the environment and may lead to chemical remains in crops/fruits that can damage human health. Biofertilizers, on the other hand, can improve the growth of plants without these side-effects.







Why Do We Care?
The use of biofertilizers can reduce harmful chemical remains in vegetables and fruits, thus leading to a healthier human diet. Furthermore, they can re-energize the soil for repetitive plantation cycles without damaging the environment.




The increasing world population has resulted in the over-exploitation and the aging of the fields on earth. The misuse and overuse of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides have worsened the situation. Recently, the serious industrial pollution, and acid rain have destroyed the soil ecological balance too, resulting in the abandonment of many fields. How to improve the soil condition (the aging problem) has become the hottest issue. The best way, however, is to use as much as possible microbial products, functional bio-fertilizers and bio-controllers and reduce the amount of the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The present highly elevated world living quality has also set a stricter standard for the quality of farm produce, which can be achieved only by turning to functional bio-fertilizers, too.

     CBC Biofertilizers contain a series of items especially formulated to improve the soil condition, to overcome the disruption of cropping continuity, and to upgrade the produce quality. Their individual characteristics are as follows:


    A microbial-fertilizer for plants. It helps to keep the soil ecological balance, improve the soil physical condition, enhance the decomposition ability of organic matter and emphasize the effective use of phosphorous in the soil. The powder FORGREEN-BS can be spread directly on soil or mixed with other fertilizers.

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    A fermented amino acid product, containing plenty of amino acids, enzymes, and biologically active materials for plant growth promotion. Diluted at certain rate, FORGREEN-A can be used for watering or foliar spray at the growing stage.


    A fermented nucleic acid product, containing plenty of nucleic acids, enzymes, vitamins, and biological active materials which promote plant multiplication. FORGREEN-N is mainly used at the flowering and fruiting stages by foliar spraying on leaves after diluted at certain rate.


    A seaweed extract product through a special low temperature extraction and concentration process, thus successfully retaining its natural nutritional vitality. FORGREEN-K can be used for watering or foliar spray at the growing stage.

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    A liquid biofertilizer containing nucleic acids, vitamins monosuccrides, which is a very effective promoter of sprouting and growth.


    A water-soluble organic calcium, made from bio-conversion by Streptococcus thermophilus.


    An excellent microbial and organic fertilizer, is made by blending organic materials, such as tea leave residues, gardenia fruit residues, rice bran, and soybean meal, and adjusting the pH for the inoculation of chosen isolates of Bacillus subtilis before a thorough process of fermentation.

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    A natural biopolymer from crab or shrimp shell, effective in activating the soil, inhibit pathogen, and enhance resistance to the threat of fungi or nematode.

TeaEx 100

    A natural surfactant, an effective bio-pesticide, safe and harmless to humans and animals, very effective killers of snails and slugs.

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