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Did you know that...
CBC's Genipin has been sold to more than 220 research institutes in over 45 countries, helping the development of biomedical research.






Did you know that...
The use the biofertilizers reduces botanical wastes, improves plantation yields, and reduces the harm that chemical fertilizers impose upon the environment.


    CBC has a wide range of products due to our aim to preserve an unpolluted environment for the world. Starting from fruits or leaves of a plant, we produce high quality extracts that can be refined into highly valuable biomedical materials or food ingredients. The leftover botanical residues are made into biofertilizers that help develop organic farms all over the world, for a better agricultural environment.

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Biomedical Specialty Chemicals

- Genipin: natural cross-linker, tissue or artificial organ fixation (Research reagent-grade)
- Bromelain: for 3rd-degree burnt treatment (exclusive supply only)


Biofeed Additives

- Probiotics
- Enzyme Products
- Herbal Extract Products



- Microbial Fertilizers
- Fermented Nutrients
- Botanical Extracts
- Organic Trace Elements
- Chitosan




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